Current Projects & Services

Effect of diet on overnight survival in underyearling Striped bass under commercial rearing conditions

  • Investigating the effect of dietary lipid during summer on the subsequent survival of Stripped bass overwinter at a commercial farm.

AVC Fish-i-Trends  Sealice monitoring program

  • Participation of Nova Scotia marine finfish operators to the Atlantic Veterinary College – Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (AVC-CAHS) Fish-i-Trends Program as a health management tool for sealice. 

Advanced planning and evaluation of seaweed cultivation in Nova Scotia

  • Identifying and bringing together the various stakeholders to develop an experimental study design and assess suitability of potential sites for seaweed cultivation in Nova Scotia
  • Identifying and confirming the interest and capabilities of various potential stakeholders that could play a role in the seaweed industry development in Nova Scotia

Developement of Industry Driven Sentinel Monitoring of Vibrio parahaemolyticus  (Yp) for the Nova Scotian Oyster 

  • Industry driven initiative that aims to gain a better understanding of the occurrence of Vp in the waters around Nova Scotia

Vp Pelagis Project

  • Developement of a phone App to facilitate data gathering from the industry for the study of Vp occurence in the water around Nova Scotia

Monitoring, mitigating and reacting to extreme weather events at Nova Scotia marine finfish farms 

  • Mitigating the impact of extreme weather conditions to Nova Scotia finfish production


Development of a Rainbow trout stock performance improvement strategy 

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