Current Projects & Services

North Shore Oyster Industry Project
Goal: To develop a “short term” containment plan for the Northumberland Shore

Vibrio Parahaemolyiticis Education and Control
Goal: To improve the understanding and control of Vibrio Parahaemolyiticis, in order to ensure the health and safety of Nova Scotian oyster consumers.

Extreme Weather Events-NS Marine Finfish
Goal: Mitigate the impact of extreme weather conditions to Nova Scotia finfish production.

Throughout the summer of 2016, monitoring equipment was deployed in order to gain better understanding of the weather conditions surrounding Nova Scotia finfish aquaculture. A large thanks goes to the continued support supplied from Cooke, Waycobah, Ocean Trout, Open Ocean Systems, for partnering with the AANS for this project.

Mussel Biofouling Innovations (Waycobah trout farm)
Goal: Mitigate the settlement of biofouling mussel spat on trout nets. This will reduce cleaning requirements and improve the flow within the cages.

Striped Bass Commercialization Project
Goal: To solve production bottleneck of “underyearling” striped bass mortality.

Cultivatable Seaweed Initiative
Goal: Expand the culture and marketing of seaweed in NS to diversify and strengthen NS Aquaculture production.

This project was launched in 2015, and continues to build momentum. The project currently is an optimal opportunity to enhance current oyster productions by co-cultivation of these organisms with seaweed.

Oyster Hatchery Development Project for Diseased Impacted Regions of NS (Eskasoni)
Goal: Develop disease resistant oysters to combat the effect of MSX on oysters in infected zones as well as an “insurance policy” for non-impacted regions.

Triploid Oysters are currently being produced in three hatcheries across the Province (one industry, one First Nations, and one research) in an effort to outgrow the parasite plaguing these oyster populations.

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