Research & Development

Research and Development with the AANS is dedicated to facilitating growth within the aquaculture community by investing in ground breaking initiatives, projects, and programs that aim to improve pre-existing methods, procedures and protocols within the industry. Our goal is promote studies and research conducted to facilitate growth within this field. Although the AANS aids in the procurement of funding to support these research projects, since the AANS is a not-for-profit it cannot pay administrative cost (overhead) for these undertakings.

If you would like to propose a new project to the AANS Research and Development Coordinator or are interested in learning more about current and upcoming projects, please get in touch with the AANS Office.




Extreme Weather Events – NS Marine Finfish

  • Goal: Mitigate the impact of extreme weather to Nova Scotia finfish production.

Striped Bass Commercialization Project

  • Goal: Solve production bottleneck of “under yearling” striped bass mortality.

North Shore Oyster Industry Project

  • Goal: Develop a “short-term” containment plan for the Northumberland Shore.

Vibrio Parahaemolyitics Education and Control

  • Goal: Improve the understanding and control of Vibrio Parahaemolyitics, to ensure the health and safety of Nova Scotian oyster consumers.

Cultivable Seaweed Initiative

  • Goal: Expand the culture and marketing of seaweed in NS to diversify and strengthen Aquaculture production.

Oyster Hatchery Development Project for Diseased Impacted Regions of NS (Eskasoni)

  • Goal: Develop disease-resistant oysters for MSX positive zones as well as an “insurance policy” for non-impacted regions.

Mussel Biofouling Innovations

  • Goal: Mitigate the settlement and biofouling mussel spat on trout nets. This will reduce cleaning requirements and improve the flow within the cages

Farm Management Plan Training For Nova Scotia Sea Farmers

  • This project offers a comprehensive training program for Nova Scotia’s Sea Farmer Operators to maximize the benefits of their published Farm Management Plan.

Oyster Hatchery Development For Disease Impacted Regions Of Nova Scotia

  • Goal: To develop a disease-resistant oyster to mitigate the effect of MSX on oyster in infected zones, as well as “insurance policy” for non-impacted regions.



In 2016, the AANS took the lead in the initiative “Healthy Coasts, Healthy Businesses, Healthy Communities”. Researchers from NSCC’s Applied Geomatics Research Group, based out of Lawrencetown, Presented water quality monitoring research from the summer of 2016 in Little Harbour, NS.

This project is about protecting our clean water and educating the public on how we can work together to keep our coastal waters clean. This project combines LiDAR mapping with historical water quality data measuring bacteria that indicates sewage pollution in watercourses. Shellfish are particularly sensitive since bacteria and pathogens can accumulate in them, leading to harvesting closures, disrupting shellfish businesses and limiting economic activity in the area. The AANS and our partners continue to work on procedures and best practices to mitigate any of these risks.

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