Who are we?


To support the production of quality farmed seafood in the cool, clear waters of Nova Scotia, creating wealth based on a renewable resource.

History of Aquaculture and the Association:

Since 2010, aquaculture has contributed to over 40% of the world’s seafood supply, jumping miraculously from what it contributed in 1980 where 9% of all consumed seafood was farmed. With the demand for seafood increasing rapidly, it is not a shock to hear that this industry is the fastest growing food-production sector, as it has continued to increase by an average of 8.8% each year for the past 30 years.

Here in Nova Scotia aquaculture was first practised by the local First Nation’s communities such as the Mi’kmaq First Nations Groups, who transferred fish species from one stream or pond to another in order to promote larger population sizes. As the popularity of aquaculture developed from a local source of food into a profitable source of revenue for the Province, the need for an industry association grew, and the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia was established in 1977. For nearly 20 years the AANS was run by a group of hardworking volunteers and it was not until 1994 that the association was officially registered as a not for profit and hired its first Executive Director.

From the beginning, the purpose of AANS was to develop and support the current and future sea farmers within the Province; to this day the Association holds these same standards. The board of directors and dedicated staff continue to represent the mutual interest of all the aquaculture businesses within the Province

For more information on global and national aquaculture, please visit here and here.

Board of Directors 2017:

Executive Committee

President – Scott Samson (Louisburg Seafoods)  

Vice-President – Jeff Nickerson (Cooke Aquaculture)  

Treasurer – Donald Davis (Waycobah Fisheries)

Secretary – Mellissa Rommens (Sustain Aqua

Board Members

Robin Stuart (Robin Stuart Consulting)         

Nolan d’Eon (Eel Lake Oysters)                      

Mike Cameron (North River Fish Farms)       

Phillip Docker (ShanDaph Oysters)            

Doug Bertram (Innovative Fisheries)                

Sherman D’entremont (Ocean Trout)              

Paul Merlin (Cape d’Or Sustainable Seafoods)   

Mike Macintosh (Merigomish Oyster Farm) 

Leah Lewis-McCrea (SIMCorp)                          

Jesse Fortune (Bill and Stanley Oyster Company)       

AANS Science Advisors:

Scott Jeffrey (Dalhousie University)             

Stephanie Colombo (Dalhousie University)  


Executive Director: Tom Smith


Research & Development Coordinator: Dr Isabelle Tremblay, PhD


Community Engagement Coordinator: Sarah Warford


Outreach Specialist: Angelo Torres Rodriguez


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