Aquaculture Financial Assistance Program

What is it?

The AANS Aquaculture Financial Assistance Program is designed to assist aquaculture farmers in Nova Scotia in expanding their operations and improving efficiencies in the workplace.

The Program is now open for applications and available for Association farming members. Applications can be forwarded to, faxed to 902-422-6248, or mailed to the address provided on the form itself. The application form is available below.

What types of funding are available?

The AANS Aquaculture Financial Assistance Program can provide up to 70% funding for projects that meet the criteria designated below. This funding is non repayable up to $99,900 across all categories. Sea Farmers are eligible to apply for the same category more than once, provided that they are able to justify the need and how it fits their business growth strategy and that the projects are distinct and not dependent on one another for success.

What projects are eligible for funding assistance?

There have been three categories defined based on pillars of quality and efficiency improvements that are central to the AANS Aquaculture Financial Assistance Program:

  1. Infrastructure to improve work efficiency
    e.g. workstation platforms, floating nursery systems, solar technologies, processing equipment, etc.
  2. Technologies to improve quality
    e.g. inventory tracking systems, insulated packaging, farm management software, water quality sensors, graders, tumblers, etc.
  3. Infrastructure to improve capacity
    e.g. grow out gear, floating cages, ear hanging scallop systems, mussel socks, etc.

A member can apply for funding for a new project during each of the three years, but the previous project must be completed in order for a new application to be considered.

Who can apply?

This program is open to all aquaculture farmers who meet the following qualifications:

  1. You have a shellfish or finfish lease within the province of Nova Scotia.
  2. You are a member of the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia and in good standing with both Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

How do I apply?

Eligible aquaculture farmers may apply either online or by filling out the form available below. The attached application will then be reviewed by the project management committee. Upon review, the project management committee may require additional information. If the provided space is not sufficient to explain the full breadth of the project, you are welcome to attach additional sheets to allow for a more thorough explanation.

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