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Research and Development within the Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia is dedicated to facilitating growth in the aquaculture community by collaborating on projects to improve various aspects of the industry, from seed sourcing to environmental monitoring and product processing. The AANS aims to promote growth for our industry members by communicating with academia, all levels of government, and research funding agencies for continuous innovation within the aquaculture sector.

Although the AANS aids in the procurement of funding to support research projects the AANS is a not-for-profit and cannot pay the administrative cost (overhead) for these undertakings.

If you would like to propose a new project to the AANS Research and Development Coordinator or are interested in learning more about current and upcoming projects please get in touch with the AANS Office with the contact information located at the bottom of the page.

AANS R&D initiatives to support the development and growth of the aquaculture sector:

The Association plays an important role in supporting the development and growth of the aquaculture industry, all species (finfish, shellfish and seaweed). We develop, manage, support and lead multiple R&D initiatives that address the priorities identified for the sector.

Rainbow Trout Broodstock Strategy Development:

  • Rainbow trout farming has been identified as a growth opportunity for the aquaculture sector in Nova Scotia.
  • The AANS is presently leading an initiative to support its Sea Farmers in the development of a rainbow trout broodstock program in the province.

Seed Supply Security for the Oyster Industry in Nova Scotia:

  • The demand for Nova Scotia oysters is growing both at national and international levels.
  • The AANS is leading an initiative to develop a seed supply strategy for the Nova Scotian oyster industry.

Seaweed Cultivation in Nova Scotia:

  • Nova Scotia shellfish Sea Farmers are developing strategies for supplemental crop production on their lease.
  • The AANS is engaged in various initiatives to develop a seaweed cultivation industry for Nova Scotia.

Oyster Aquaculture Industry in the Bras d’Or Lake, Cape Breton:

  • The AANS leads and collaborates on R&D initiatives that aim to re-populate the oysters in the Bras’d Or Lake, mitigate MSX disease, and re-engage the oyster aquaculture industry.
  • The main partners for those initiatives are Cape Breton University, Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission, and Dalhousie University.

If you want more information on AANS R&D initiatives, contact the AANS R&D coordinator at

R&D Research Blog

The AANS is proud to collaborate with Nova Scotia researchers and academia on our many aquaculture industry R&D projects. 

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