Role in the Community

Over the past 40 years the AANS has developed a strong relationship with our members across the Maritimes. These lasting connections have facilitated in strengthening the direction and functionality of the industry as it grows, providing significant social, economic and industrial contributions to coastal communities. In coming years, the AANS will continue to reinforce the hard work of Nova Scotia’s Sea Farmers, striving further to be a more active and approachable member of every community in Nova Scotia.

With this goal in mind, the AANS team has created an active Outreach Program that aims to broadcast Nova Scotia’s diverse aquaculture industry to the public. The AANS hopes to raise awareness and educate the public on aquaculture by developing interactive informational programs, initiatives and activities for students, teachers, and interested public groups across the Province. The aim of the AANS Outreach program is to end the stigma surrounding aquaculture in Nova Scotia. This is done by highlighting how aquaculture is an increasingly important economic driver, supporting local communities through stable and meaningful employment that assists in the production of sustainable seafood products.

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