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Many on-farm aquaculture jobs require specialized skills in business, technology, science, communications, or fish husbandry; these skills can usually only be obtained from a combination of formal and on-the-job training. In Atlantic Canada there are several programs that range from technical short courses to technology diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate studies in various parts of the sector, such as: research and development, business skills, environmental management or communications, IT, and engineering. For profiles on jobs these skills could potentially translate into within the industry, click here.

The following are some post-secondary programs available:


Fall 2022 Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia Student Scholarship and Awards

The 2022 student awards and scholarship will be delayed until Fall 2022 to be aligned with the rescheduled Fisheries Minister’s Conference on October 11-13, 2022. The competition will open in early September and have late September deadlines; stay tuned to this page for more details in the fall.

Our previous scholarship was awarded during the 2020 Seafarmer’s Conference, along with prizes for the best poster and speaker to present therein. We would like to take a moment to congratulate all our scholarship winners!

  • Katie Frame won in the Best Poster category for her work on the development of the seaweed industry in Cape Breton, which netted her a prize of $250.
  • Kyle Rauch won Best Oral Presentation for his work on the use of UV light to keep pathogens out of fin fish farms, receiving a $500 award.
  • Jenny Weitzman‘s research into public trust and understanding of finfish farms earned her the AANS Scholarship, worth $1000.
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