Member List

Shellfish Producers

Bill and Stanley Oyster Company

Innovative Fishery Products

PEI Mussel Farms

D’Eon Oyster Company Ltd

Future Seafoods

Bay Enterprises

Cape Breton Bivalve

The Maritime Oyster Company

Premium Seafoods Limited

ShanDaph Oyster Company

Aquadelights Seafoods Limited

Atlantic Shellfish Products Inc.

Aw Shucks Oysters

Bay Tender Shellfish Limited

Bounty Bay Shellfish

Bowline Incorporated

Breton Oysters

Cape North Mussels Limited

Corkums Island Mussel Farm

Denver Marine

Dragonfly’s Cove Oyster Farm

Dunphy’s Oysters

Grand Pass Oysters

Gypsum Cove Oysters

Havre Boucher Seafoods

Indian Point Marine Farms

James L Mood Fisheries

K&N Fisheries

Little Judique Oysters

Lochmore Oyster Farm

Indian Point Marine Farms

Long Reef Shellfish

Longshore Fisheries

Merigomish Oyster Farm

Pec Nord

Pristine Bay Premium Oysters

Purewater Mussel Farm

Quarry Island Oyster Farm

Rose Bay Seafarms

Sam’s Point Oyster Company

Scott MacEwan Farms

Sober Island Oysters Limited

Timmons’ Long Pond Mussel Farm

Town Point Oysters

Jordan Paradis Oyster Farm

Strickland Farms

Paq’tnkek Mi’Kmaw Nation

Bear River First Nation

Kelly Cove Salmon

Ocean Trout Farms

Dartek Transport Ltd.

Open Ocean Systems

Long Beach Farms Limited

Cape D’Or Sustainable Seafoods

Mike Mullen Smolt

ProNova Marine Products

Canadian Salmon Limited

Atlantic Canada Eels Inc.

Hamilton’s Fish Farm

North River Fish Farm Limited

We’koqma’q First Nation

Acadian Seaplants Ltd.

Scotia Garden Seafoods/Tidal Organics

LeBlanc Seeded Lines

Cooke Insurance

Bouctouche Bay Industries

Deep Cove Aqua Farms

Entreprises Shippagan

Innovasea Marine Systems Canada

Afishionado Fish Mongers

Aqua Production Systems

Centre for Marine Applied Research

DSA Ocean

Sweeney International Marine Corporation

Sustain Aqua


Rainbow Net and Rigging Limited

ReThink Inc.

GeoSpatial Strategy Group Inc.

The Life Aquatic

Clean Valley Bio-Filtration Technologies

GeoSpatial Strategy Group

ROMOR Ocean Solutions

Berg Industrial Service

Go Deep International

Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture

Huntsman Marine Science Centre

Nova Scotia Community College – School of Fisheries

Genome Atlantic

Nova Scotia Fisheries Sector Council

Solar Ascent

Efficiency Nova Scotia

Port to Port Immigration Services

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