AANS Value Added Programs


  • AANS Security Bond Program – The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia, in cooperation with the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture, has developed an “AANS Member Group Surety Bond” program that satisfies the requirement for a security bond under the 2015 Aquaculture Licence and Lease Regulations: Section 56 – 1. “An aquaculture leaseholder must ensure that a security bond is in place … “Contact the AANS office or online: www.seafarmers.ca or click the above link – Purchase Security Bond.


  • Nova Scotia Aquaculture Lease Sales and Assignments – The AANS has developed an online
    “Seafarmers” website portal for posting listings for members wishing to offer their aquaculture lease for sale. In addition, the AANS “Seafarmers” website will also provide information provided by the Nova Scotia Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture on any additional lease opportunities that are available. For more information contact outreach@seafarmers.ca or click the above link.


  • Research & Development Project Services – The AANS Research & Development program works on the development of projects that are focused on industry challenges, bringing together appropriate partners, aids in managing research projects, and provides assistance in the procurement of funding support. For more information or to discuss a potential project proposal, contact Dr Isabelle Tremblay at
    rdc@seafarmers.ca. For existing program information click here.



  • Strategy Sessions – No two businesses or communities are the same, so while there will without a doubt be crossover and themes that pop up time and time across businesses, community engagement needs to be authentic and reflective of your organization and individuals within it. We’ll do an audit of your organization’s current strategy for community engagement and we’ll look at a variety of community engagement tools available to your organization and assess which ones make the most sense for you and your organization. For more information contact outreach@seafarmers.ca.

  • Media & Marketing Support – Brand Identity, Online Presence (Design, website management, social media management, strategy and training), print marketing materials, copywriting all tools to be utilized in community engagement. At the AANS we can help you develop the support tools you need to connect your business with the greater community. For more information contact outreach@seafarmers.ca.

  • Event Support – From event coordination, planning and facilitation to execution the AANS can help in making sure your community engagement events are a success. From open farm days, community outreach/training events, festival support we can provide administrative and logistical support in advance and help coordinate individuals on the day(s) of your event to ensure everything goes flawlessly. For more information contact outreach@seafarmers.ca.
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