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Why you should become a member

The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia is a provincial industry alliance known for its commitment to its members, the environment, and Nova Scotia communities. As an established not for profit, the AANS over the past 46 years has and, in the future, will continue to proudly represent a wide variety of farmers, processors, associations and academics within the aquaculture field.

Now, with the global demand of seafood exponentially increasing and the number of wild stocks dramatically decreasing, there is more demand than ever before for sustainable seafood. Because of this, governments and communities in Nova Scotia, Canada, and around the world are recognizing responsible aquaculture to be a source of economic growth and community prosperity that will fill the ever-broadening gap between supply and demand of seafood. Joining AANS ensures a strong industry voice to promote opportunities for Nova Scotia and for your business.

Membership with the AANS is renewed annually by completing a registration form and submitting membership fees. To become a member for the 2023 year, follow the ‘Purchase Membership’ link below to complete your transaction online.

Membership Benefits

The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia and its farmers are committed to responsible aquaculture and to the communities where sea farms operate. We are proud to support our members by providing a wide variety of amenities and benefits through our membership, including:

  • Advocating on behalf of the aquaculture industry to government, the public, and businesses to further facilitate growth
  • Providing insightful research and development initiatives working to address challenges the industry is facing
  • Developing strategies for both current and future industry growth
  • Promoting Sea Farmer’s product diversity and enhancing market opportunities through networking, representing, and supporting further business development at influential events
  • Supporting, celebrating, and sharing Nova Scotia’s local Sea Farmers’ stories
  • Encouraging Nova Scotian communities to develop Sustainable Aquaculture as well as “Community Aquaculture Development Groups”.
  • Subscription to quarterly electronic newsletter
  • Electronic notification of special events/notices
  • Free copy of the annual Sea Farmer Magazine
  • Discounted conference booth space 
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