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Merigomish Oyster Farm

The place: This oyster starts life in the clear waters surrounding Little Island, in the western part of Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotia. This is a quiet and beautiful setting, a dream home for an oyster. Both, the bottom and water, are excellent for the growth of superior oysters. From its gigantic nest, a Bald Eagle is standing guard. The Eagle is used to Michael; he is there so often that the eagle considers him as part of the scenery.

The oyster: The Merigomish oyster comes to you in a beautiful pearly white shell. Come Fall, a luscious and delicious meat fills that shell to the brim.  The meat has a creamy and smooth appearance which immediately announces a superior product. It is plump, with lots of texture, a pleasure to sink your teeth into. The taste is an excellent balance of salt and creamy feeling.  Enjoy…!

To place an order  call 1-902-396-7415 /1-902-301-1234

Sober Island:

The dream started for Trevor and Michelle Munroe back in 2005, when the couple stumbled across a patch of wild oysters and mussels growing in Sober Island pond. Now the small family with their two children Franklin and Rachel run Sober Island Oyster Farm, tackling each challenge at the farm much like parenting. The families outgoing lifestyle is what brings success to their business as they put “every ounce of their personal energy towards growing capable and confident children and the best oysters!” Ambitious as ever, the family-run business currently has 300% more demand than the farm can produce and send to market. Therefore in the future, the Munroe’s hope to expand their oyster clutch from the current 5 million to 9 million, hoping to one day be able to satisfy the popularity of their oysters.

Bay Enterprises:

Bay Enterprises Ltd. is the longest standing Canadian oyster company, harvesting along Nova Scotia’s rugged coastline since 1867. Now composed of three companies Malagash Oyster, Tatmagouche Bay Oyster and Tata Oyster the Purdy family has been harvesting and selling the Malagash name since 1899. Alexander MacNab and Stephen Purdy headed the operation in 1899, but were soon followed by Bella MacNab and Sarah Purdy who were the first women to receive aquaculture leases! From 1867 the family-run farm has been growing and continues to thrive. To this day, all bottom cultured oysters from Bay Enterprises Ltd are farmed on land that was part of the original lease back in the day.

Bill and Stanley:

In 2008, Brian and Jesse Fortune opened Bill and Stanley Oyster Company, a family-run oyster farm located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. In the beginning, the father-son run company focused its efforts toward oyster seed and bottom-culture production. In 2012 the company experimented with off-bottom oyster cultivation, and achieved tremendous success! To this day, the family continues to pride themselves on the company’s achievements; rightfully so, as in the past eight years, the company has quadrupled in size. The name Bill and Stanley is a tribute to two men; a father and a neighbour who were influential in the lives of the owners and who wholeheartedly enjoyed the consumption of oysters. The family hopes that each of their consumers has the chance to enjoy their product as much as Bill and Stanley.

Cooke Aquaculture:

Cooke Aquaculture was established in 1985 by the Glenn Cooke, his father Gifford and his brother Michael with one marine farm and 5,000 salmon. Today, Cooke Aquaculture is a vertically integrated company headquartered in Blacks Harbour NB with aquaculture operations in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Prince Edward Island, Maine and Washington, Chile, Spain and Scotland. The Cooke family expanded beyond aquaculture into the fishery with the recent purchases of the Wanchese Fish Company, Icicle Seafood’s, Inc. and Fripur, adding additional groundfish and salmon fisheries in the US, Argentina and Uruguay to its portfolio. The Cooke family company now employs more than 5000 people globally and sells a broad spectrum of wild and farmed seafood products to discerning customers in the food service and retail sector around the world. The Cooke group of companies will produce over 275,000 metric tonnes of seafood and is expected to generate $1.8 Billion in annual sales in 2016.

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