Seafarmers Conference 2019 Making Waves Presentations

Seafarmers Conference – Thursday, Jan 24th, 2019

1. Keynote Speaker: Jean-Paul Deveau

2. Using macroinvertebrates to evaluate ecosystem-level benthic effects of finfish aquaculture in coastal Nova Scotia: Stephen Finnis

3. Canadian Aquaculture Industry Update: Tim Kennedy

4. Nova Scotia Provincial Update: Bruce Hancock

5. Nova Scotia Aquaculture Economic Impact (CMAR Study): Dr. Mike Foster

6. Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia Community Engagement “Scoping Project” update: Ken Donnelly

7. Luncheon Presentation – Opportunities for the aquaculture industry in a Challenging Economy: Don Mills

8. Replacing fish oil with microalgae oil in salmon feed: Minmin Wei

9. Aquaculture Industry – Expanding Opportunities in Aquaculture:

9.1. From family farm to seafood industry leader: Jeff Nickerson, Cooke Aquaculture

9.2. Creating the possibility for sustainable use of our oceans & freshwater ecosystems: David Kelly, InnovaSea

9.3. Technology for Sustainable Biology: Bryan Bosien, AKVA Group

9.4. The Past, the Present and Future Growth Prospects: Andre Mallet, Oystertribe

10. Determining the effects of oxygen supplementation on cultured salmon using acoustic telemetry: Caitlin Stockwell

11. Nova Scotia First Nations – Expanding Opportunities in Aquaculture:

11.1. Facilitator: Chief Terry Paul, Membertou First Nations

11.2. Chief Carol Dee Potter, Bear River First Nation

11.3. Chief Rod Googoo, We’koqma’q First Nation

11.4. Tom Johnson, Eskasoni Fish and Wildlife Commission

R&D Session – Friday, Jan 25th, 2019

1. Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia 2018 R&D Priorities and Initiatives: Dr. Isabelle Tremblay

2. Sea Farmers 2018 R&D Projects:

2.1. Assessing Wave and Current Conditions for Finish Containment System Engineering in NS: Andrew. J. Baron

2.2. Industry Driven VP Sentinel Monitoring Project: Dr. Isabelle Tremblay

2.3. Assesing the impact of environmental conditions as a disease mitigation strategy for cultivating oysters in an MSX positive environment: Rod Beresford

2.4. Monitoring sustainability of shellfish farms in NS based on high spatial resolution satellite imagery: Dr. Kim Huong Hoang & Dr. Isabelle Tremblay

2.5. Developing Novel Antifouling Technologies for Nova Scotia Aquaculture: Dr. Russell Wyeth

3. 2019 Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia R&D Priorities: Dr. Isabelle Tremblay

4. NSDFA R&D Priorities – Nathaniel Feindel

5. Opportunities & Development in R&D Funding:

5.1. Fisheries and Aquaculture Clean Technology Adoption Program: Daniel Lapierre

5.2. Opportunities in R&D, Where are they and how to leverage them: Callahan Murphy

5.3. Research, Resolving aquaculture challenges to help feed the world: Wendy Watson-Wright

5.4. Canada’s Ocean of Opportunity: Susan Hunt

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