Nova Scotia has developed many educational programs geared towards promoting and facilitating the Provinces booming aquaculture industry! With Atlantic Canada growing into an economic hub for seafood farming, there has been increased demand for graduated employees within the aquaculture field. As a result the Maritimes have established themselves as an international leader in aquaculture education. Furthermore, sea farming programs in Nova Scotia promote not only for students to be able to obtain jobs post-graduation but also for those jobs to remain within this thriving industry in Atlantic Canada.

Cape Breton University:


Dalhousie University: Halifax

Dalhousie University’s Marine Biology program is known across Atlantic Canada as a cutting edge education and research facility. This program offers an incredibly diverse array of opportunity for students who are passionate about the sea, including fundamental classes and laboratories on ecosystem management, population dynamics, and much more. Marine Biology at Dalhousie provides valuable insight towards for careers in the marine science industry, including that of aquaculture. In addition to the well-rounded courses offered throughout the program, Dalhousie has also recently extended an opportunity for its students to graduate with an aquaculture certification. This certificate will further differentiate Dalhousie Marine Biology students from the pack, readying these graduates to benefit the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia.

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Dalhousie University: Agriculture Campus (Truro)

At Dalhousie’s Agriculture Campus, the aquaculture program highlights this fast-developing industry in Nova Scotia. This program promotes the wide variety of career opportunities for students ranging from food production to environmental conservation. Located in Truro NS, the Agriculture Campus provides a smaller, close knit, community experience than its counterpart in Halifax, but guarantees the same comprehensive learning experience. Dal AC provides both classroom and hands on learning, where industry related work is replicated in the state-of-the-art Aquaculture Centre located right on campus, as students learn to manage water quality, grow algae, nurture fish stocks, and much more.

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Nova Scotia Community College:

The NSCC School of Fisheries offers a wide variety of training programs to meet the needs of the fish harvesting industry and for small vessel operators. This program places unique emphasis on sustainable seafood production and harvest, furthermore providing its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in the seafood and ocean resource industry. In comparison to university degrees, this diploma is only a year in length, highlighting the crucial aspects of the fisheries and aquaculture sector, providing a gate way for students to embark on their careers.

Courses and training is offered at the NSCC School of Fisheries facility in Shelburne and Pictou Nova Scotia.

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Saint Francis Xavier University: Antigonish

STFX calls for all individuals with a passion for the marine and freshwater environments and their inhabitants! The aquatic resources program in Antigonish attracts students who are eager and keen to learn more about aquatic sustainability and resources, all the while gathering a better understanding of human impacts and interactions within these environments. The professors at STFX take pride in educating their students to have superb communication skills, technical abilities and organization. Furthermore, this program offers a link to the incredible field of aquaculture from a science, business and industry standpoint, allowing for the student to choose the path best suited for their future.

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Mount Saint Vincent University:

Mount Saint Vincent University has an incredible Public Relations Program that has contributed greatly to the Sea Farmers team through their undergraduate student co-op program. This program allows for educated young adults to work within the industry supplying creative ideas and excellent communication skills for their field. Each co-op student with the Sea Farmers, has contributed immensely to the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia both throughout their time with the team as well as afterward.

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Memorial University:

Like Dalhousie and STFX, Memorial University offers aquaculture courses throughout the biology and marine biology degrees for its undergraduates, but it has an endless amount of aquaculture opportunities that can be found in other degree options as well! The university specializes in providing an aquaculture diploma as well as a specialized graduate degree, highlighting how innovative, this important social and economic industry is. These aquaculture programs aim to provide students with the instruction to pursue careers in research, government, business, fish and shellfish farms, and hatcheries.

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