Canadian Oyster Export Café Registration Form

This is the registration form for the Canadian Oyster Export Café, taking place on February 3, 2022. This event offers oyster farmers across Atlantic Canada an opportunity to discuss their product with industry professionals using an online business to business meeting platform and expand into the US market.

In order to qualify to participate, the farmer must:

  • Be export ready.
  • Have pre-established promotional materials (images and/or video roll).
  • Register by January 7, 2022.

Oyster producers and buyers will use the B2B2GO platform to create profiles, upload promotional material, make connections and schedule meetings up to two weeks before the Feb. 3 event. Participating buyers will receive a Festival Box to sample Atlantic Canadian oyster products during the event. The event will include a roundtable discussion, industry presentations, an oyster shucking demonstration, a culinary presentation featuring “Seafood from Atlantic Canada”, and a question-and-answer period hosted and moderated by Off the Beaten Palate. Following the roundtable, participants are encouraged to join individual meeting rooms. There will be a minimum of five meetings per producer, with corresponding rooms created in advance.

A full schedule of events will be released closer to the date.

The cost of admission for this event is $200, which can be paid online at To keep up with updates to this event, you can follow the official Facebook page here.

Canadian Oyster Cafe Registration 2022
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