Seafarmers Conference – Making Waves 2018

Community Engagement Workshop – Wednesday, Jan 24th, 2018

1. Community Engagement Services offered by AANS

2. Business Benefits of Community Engagement: Sarah Warford (AANS)

3. Introduction to Community Engagement Regulations: Bruce Hancock

4. What is Community Engagement? : Ken Donelly

Seafarmers Conference – Thursday, Jan 25th, 2018

1. Aquaculture Development: Dr. Vicki Swan

2. Provincial Update, Part 2: Bruce Hancock. Brennan Goreham, Nathaniel Feindel

3. NS Department of Business: Shirley Hazen

4. NS Seafood Sector Council/AANS Labour Study: Bob Fraser

5. Canada Immigration Program: Mary Jo MacKay

6. Aquaculture Enforcement Update: Joel Corcoran

6.1. Aquaculture Enforcement Update

6.2. Aquaculture leasing/licensing Monitoring 

7. Community Voices: Outreach Challenges

7.1. Leader 1: Bruce Morrison, WardenVictoria County

7.2. Leader 2: Donald Davis, CFO Waycobah First Nations

8. Remotely Feeding Atlantic Salmon in NS: Jennifer Hewitt

9. Investigating for an alternative egg source for Nova Scotian rainbow trout industry: Dr. Isabelle Tremblay

10. Application of Genomics in Aquaculture: Andy Stone 

11. RFID Based Mussel Farm Management System: Scott Dockendorf

R&D Session – Friday, Jan 26th, 2018

1. 2017 R&D Priorities and Projects (AANS)

2. Developing Methods for Adding Supplemental Oxygen to Marine Salmon Farms on the South Coast of Nova Scotia: Jeff Nickerson

3. Reducing Superchill Impact in Bras d’Or Lakes

4. NSDFA R&D Projects: Lewis Clancey

5. 2018 AANS R&D Priorities

6. 2018 NSDFA R&D Priorities: Nathaniel Feindel

7. Atlantic Fisheries Fund: Brenda Bradford

8. IRAP Funding Opportunities: Don Douglas

9. NSERC Funding Opportunities: James Dean-Moore 

10. NSDFA Funding Opportunities: Nathaniel Feindel

11. Moving the Nova Scotia Aquaculture Industry forward with R&D

Cathy Enright Student Scholarship

1. Potential Sources of Overwinter Mortality of Pond-Reared Underyearling Stripped Bass: Kare Tonning

2. Assesment of Major Factors Affecting Triploid Induction Using Hydrostatic Pressure in the Eastern Oyster: Ian Sewell

3. Operationalizing the Ecosystem Approach to Aquaculture: Jenny Weitzman

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