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The Sea Farmers are on the road! Join the AANS Outreach Team as we travel throughout Nova Scotia participating in a wide variety of community events. This program is designed to answer your questions about aquaculture, facilitating conversations about the economic, social, and environmental value of aquaculture throughout Nova Scotia. We will be travelling to events year-round advocating responsible aquaculture at schools, community groups and even public fairs or festivals. If you know of an event that the AANS Outreach Team should attend please contact outreach@seafarmers.ca.


In 2016, the AANS launched the first phase of our new Clean Coast Initiative, working with the Province of Nova Scotia and municipal leaders to remove fisheries, aquaculture and general waste from Brier Island and Sandy Cove beaches. The initiative represents a significant effort from the AANS, Sea Farming members, the Clean Foundation, Provincial and Municipal Governments, and local residents. The industry is taking an active role in ensuring pristine Nova Scotian coastlines for generations to come.

“Our region can live in harmony with Sea Farmers, Fishermen, community members, visitors and nature,” says Linda Gregory, Warden of the Municipality of Digby. “The Clean Coast Initiative is a great first step. It’s our shared responsibility to keep our shorelines and ocean clean for future generations to have the same opportunity to appreciate the sea and make a good living from it.” Nova Scotia’s Aquaculture operations have recently experienced widespread and progressive regulatory change. The launch of the Clean Coast Initiative will set the stage for future cleanup efforts.

“Government is committed to developing aquaculture safely and responsibly so it can benefit Nova Scotian coastal communities, and we’re supporting the association’s cleanup initiative as a practical way to act on that commitment,” said Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell.


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