FAQ: The Truth About Aquaculture

What is the AANS?

The Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia represents and is the advocate for people involved in the aquaculture industry in this province. It includes farmers of shellfish and finfish, fish processors, fish hatchery & nursery owner-operators, land-based recirculation operators involved in alternate species, and a range of industry suppliers.

What is aquaculture?

Aquaculture is the controlled farming of fresh water and marine finfish, shellfish, and some aquatic plants. It is a significant sustainable industry in Nova Scotia that provides jobs and contributes to the economy of small coastal communities across the province.

How big is the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia?

The aquaculture industry accounts for approximately 200 aquaculture businesses across the province. It is a significant contributor to the Nova Scotia economy, in terms of both employment and cash value. It provides direct jobs for approximately 750 people and the production value is estimated at $57 million.

Why is Nova Scotia an excellent location for aquaculture?

Nova Scotia is an excellent location for aquaculture because of its extensive coastline, which provides ideal conditions for fish farming. And, our long history in the traditional fishery gives sea farmers the knowledge and support they need to develop fish farming for the future. Nova Scotia is also an ideal location for trade with the United States and Europe

mag-cover In late December the AANS published its first ever magazine, The Sea Farmer. Issues of the magazine began appearing in mail boxes in early January. The aim of The Sea Farmer is to inform a broader audience about our industry, its challenges, its progress, and its future. To that end, feedback has been extremely positive. Contents of The Sea Farmer include insights from out going AANS President Peter Corey and Executive Director Angela Bishop. Also included is a look at Codes of Best Practice as a pathway to Certification; Research and Development focus for 2015; and an editorial from Dr. Jesse Trushenski who some may recognize as one of our keynote speakers at the 2015 Sea Farmers Conference. If you would like a copy of The Sea Farmer, drop by our new office at 2960 Oxford Street. The magazine is also now available to read online.

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