2019 SeaFarmers Conference

Leveraging Our Opportunities


We believe that the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia is poised for exponential growth in the coming years. Aquaculture is an opportunity for economic growth for our province. In particular, rural and coastal communities are seen as a real beneficiary of this potential. We know that the challenges faced by our rural communities are not going to be magically solved but building on industry growth to date, we can leverage opportunities for the future.
  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019, Marine Industry Stakeholders Workshop – The workshop this year will explore new ways to collaborate and build lasting relationships with all marine users of the Nova Scotia waters, Seafarmers… inshore fishers, lobster industry stakeholders and rural and coastal communities leaders. This will be panels , presentations, and guest speakers.
  • Thursday & Friday, January, 24/25th, 2019, The conference will feature presentations from government and international industry leaders on how Nova Scotia can build on our recent successes (last year saw the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia grow by more than double!!!) and build our industry for the future, Our Friday R&D forum will look at recent project successes, discuss the industry’s exciting new projects and analyze our priorities for research initiatives going forward.

It has been clear that the industry and our provincial government have been pushing for a brighter future for aquaculture development in the province. The industry has moved forward with “codes of best practice”, and the government has progressed with changes to the Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act, along with a new regulatory framework (2015), that provides a path forward for aquaculture development.

Industry, over the past three years, has taken this message to communities, and stakeholder groups around the province to engage Nova Scotians in the conversation around how a responsible and sustainable aquaculture industry can provide a tremendous opportunity for our coastal communities, and this message has, in our opinion started to resonate with Nova Scotians. The discussion around creating public trust for aquaculture in our province is ongoing!
The conference program attempts to highlight these positive developments, as well as identify challenges that will still be faced by industry/government and communities.
  • New government processes need to be communicated and clearly understood by all stakeholders
  • Labour  in our sector has been identified as a significant challenge to the growth of the industry
  • Access to Capital has been identified as a challenge to the industry
  • Ongoing community engagement strategies continue to be a strategic initiative for the industry
  • technology developments will be highlighted throughout the conference

Join us in Halifax, Nova Scotia January 2019 for our annual conference. See the event page and full schedule here. The full Agenda can be downloaded here. Purchase tickets here (drop-down menu at top left). Book rooms at our special conference rate with our partner hotel the Delta Halifax here.

See the 2018 Conference and R&D Session Photos Here.

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