2019 SeaFarmers Conference

Leveraging Our Opportunities

The sea farmers conference is a time to celebrate the future of the flourishing aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia. We come together to share regulator insights, recent developments and discuss the path forward.

From shore to shore across Nova Scotia, we as a community share the irrepressible spirit of innovation and a commitment to the practice of producing quality seafood through sustainable farming.

Join us in January as we come together to focus toward the future, leveraging our opportunities for economic stability and a bright future for all Nova Scotians.

  • Wednesday, January 23, 2019, Marine Industry Stakeholders Workshop – The workshop will explore new ways to collaborate and build lasting relationships with all marine users of the Nova Scotia waters, seafarmers, inshore fishers, lobster industry stakeholders and rural and coastal communities leaders. This will be panels, presentations, and guest speakers coming together to discuss how we can work together for a brighter future for all users of our shared resources.
  • Thursday & Friday, January 24/25th, 2019, The conference will feature presentations from government and international industry leaders on how Nova Scotia can build on our recent successes (last year saw the aquaculture industry in Nova Scotia grow by more than double!!!) and build our industry for the future. Our Friday R&D forum will look at recent project successes, discuss the industry’s exciting new projects and analyze our priorities for research initiatives going forward.

Engaging Nova Scotians in a conversation around how a responsible and sustainable aquaculture industry can provide a tremendous opportunity for our coastal communities has resonated with Nova Scotians. Join us as we come together to discuss how we can leverage our opportunities, building public trust and together a brighter future for all Nova Scotians.

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Review the 2018 Conference and R&D Session Photos Here.

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